Albert Smith, owner of Kona IT Solutions has over a decade of hands on Systems Administration experience including, Windows Server 2003-2012 administration, Installation and management of Windows XP-Windows 10, multi-state secure networking and the management of over 500 devices across the 3 states and up to 19 different locations. Managing over 500 devices and updates, viruses,  IT Troubleshooting for all locations and users while managing a team of three or less.

As a System Administrator, he learned many important lessons on creating the right IT solution for the right job and the right people.  Some jobs required a very specific set of IT tools to get the job done right, others had no solution designed and it was left to him to design, purchase, implement and service for the duration of the job.  Many of these were quite remote and would not allow him to service remotely via an Internet connection.  Such as it was, he would need to design and implement strong robust systems, easy to maintain, and train the employees for any foreseeable malfunction.  Honing these skills brought him to be able to quickly find solutions and keep them in service.  Although most companies of the size he was employed would usually have a larger IT staff, specific computer setups, rules and regulations, and little room to customize, he was mostly fortunate to be able to find these specific resolutions for each new challenge.  His vision is to be able to continue this service to help people with their small businesses and home office.  Helping them as they do not have the budget for a dedicated IT professional let alone an IT team.  With years of experience and long hours spent dedicated to the subject, you wont have to stress any further.

Outside work, Albert is dedicated to spending as much time with his family enjoying the bountiful wonders of the Island of Hawaii.